Ghost Squad Hackers
Greetings Citizen Of This World I'am Sc0rpi0n Gh0st of Ghost Squad Hackers
We are here with a message to all of you.
You people haven't yet opened your eyes to what is happening out there, We have governments who cross others lands and do what they want but don't want others to come to theirs.
But still you do nothing, it's now or never, Wake Up We are being led by a bunch of organized criminals. Fight For Humanity Not Nationality. We humans made it here not because we are the fastest or strongest, it's because we work Together We Are One.
We Are Ghost Squad Hackers - We Are Legion - We Don't Forgive - We Don't Forget - Expect US! #OpWakeUp - #OpIsrael - #OpAfrica - #OpWorld
Message to Governments
We are here to punish you as always, and you are there as always to make a mess.
STOP - Killing People of syria [Aim before you shoot; For Russians]
- Killing people in Palestine
- Killing Oromian students Against your master-plan [Message and warning To Ethiopian Government]
- Respect our Human Rights. 'Respect Existence or Expect Resistance'
We Are Ghost Squad Hackers; Sc0rpi0n Gh0st -:- sSquash -:- F35T3R -:- X-Faz -:- z3ro :-Mauritania Sniper :-Nexamos :-Black Hacker Dz